[what cannot Pajinsen disease eat] – of contraindication of food of no-no _ of food of ill _ of _ handkerchief Jin Sen

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Pajinsen disease is senile and gawkish disease actually, want to be treated effectively and prevent these diseases, also should notice science so1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Healthy color, drink coffee less or green tea improves a patient’s condition, and should choose as far as possibleFall in love withA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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A few digest easily, soft pledge or spoon meat.

What food cannot Pajinsen disease eat?

1, a few drinking green tea coffee ameliorable illness

Want to escape the assault of Pajinsen disease, should take positive precautionary step. Luo Xiaodong suggests, it is motion above all. The old person should hold to ” to live to be old, motion arrives old ” . Should hold to motion two hours everyday, take a walk, dozen too extremely, doing chore is good athletic way. Some old people already appeared disease omen, think by accident should reduce carry momentum, lest ” quivers ill ” aggravate, but lie for a long time on sofa or bed, can make muscle inflexible only, aggravating illness.

What food cannot Pajinsen disease eat?

2, inchoate handkerchief Jin Sen’s patient is still good as a result of masticatory ability, general of optional choose ” feeds ” , mix namely the food of normal person is basic and identical, build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of food of cent of basis of view of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine choice square. For example rigid move less model patient, usable the root of kudzu vine boils soup to boil congee, with 100~200 gram the root of kudzu vine boils lean lean boiling water, 1 week of 3 second; or with rice, millet1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The root of kudzu vine that boil1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Congee, 1 week 2. In addition, still can drink boiling water of 4 content soup, root of herbaceous peony. And quiver patient basically uses the tuber of elevated gastrodia, overcome lean lean of Bao of the tuber of elevated gastrodia or piscine head soup with 15~30, 1 week 2. Still can use green tea of bubble of the tuber of elevated gastrodia.

What food cannot Pajinsen disease eat?

3, medium terminal Mo Pin is changed it is difficult to just encourage a patient to overcome deglutition

In the digestive capacity of patient of disease of terminal handkerchief Jin Sen appears of different level reduce, ” of pap of optional choose ” , ” flows partly feed dietary ” or ” of ” fluidity food. The handkerchief Jin Sen’s patient of masticatory ability and bring down of digestible energy force, can choose soft food, use easy digest, the easy mastication, delicacy, food that does not have stimulation. Shed the patient that feeds food to apply to function of masticatory, deglutition to accept certain restriction partly, can choose soup of a thick soup of gruel, jellied bean curd, egg, egg to wait.

4, fluidity food applies to terminal patient and masticationLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, deglutition function is apparent obstacle person. Luo Xiaodong emphasizes, but slow feed with spoon or feeder feed, prevent choke to cough. Serious patient offers nose raise when necessary, the proposal chooses juice of juice of milk, soya-bean milk, rice, broth, dish to wait.

5, interval of the around that take drug takes food 1.5 hours protein kind food

No matter be inchoate,still be terminal patient, want delicate food. The patient wants special attention to be absorbed proteinly. “Protein kind of food if milk, soya-bean milk, egg can affect medicaments curative effect, because this takes medicaments around, want interval 1.5 hours to eat protein again kind food. “

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