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Article introduction

Ran makes we exercise means one kind most popular daily, in chill of hiemal moment weather dry, Shanghai night net Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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With incorrect ran the method often can bring sense of a few unwell to us, so how should winter ran notice?

 What does winter ran note have

Ran should see weather in the winter

Weather is the main factor that people ran should pay close attention to. Winter sends mist haze weather easily, mist haze day goes out ran fraud is more than benefit, suggest1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The quantity prevents outdoors exercise. When next wet, roadShanghai Long Feng forum

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Slippery, increase motion to get a place difficult of access of catch a cold, proposal indoors ran.

 What does winter ran note have

Ran is optimal time is towards evening

Quality of winter morning air is not quite good, unfavorable have run. Afternoon or dusk moment, air quality is appropriate, and right now the person’s physical ability is mixed withy achieve groove, suit the carry momentum of great strength. At this moment ran causes motion not easily to get hurt. Sockdolager of lumbar interverbebral disc arrives lumbar pressure is greater in the evening, be damaged more easily, the proposal does not want night to run. At ordinary times ran also should notice more.

 What does winter ran note have

Winter ran ought toNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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And run with the wind ran goes against those who keep good to run on one hand appearance, on the other hand easy catch a cold catch a cold. The proposal arrives when outdoors ran as far as possible n and run. If wind is very big, best indoors ran.

Winter ran dress wants appropriately

Winter ran is more to the requirement of equipment, the key should note two respects, it is heat preservation, 2 it is a sweat. To prevent catch a cold, winter ran suggests to carry glove and tag. Dress 3, underwear discharges sweat, appearance the root of fangfeng, intermediate layer heat preservation. Appearance does not want too cabined, also do not want too too comfortable. Too tight movement cannot extend, too comfortable, the resistance when ran is great. Cotton qualitative clothing is comfortable, but dispute often sucks sweat, go against a sweat, easy catch a cold. So, the underwear with qualitative cotton is not worn when ran. The word of shoe, conditional still is the running shoes that chooses major.

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